i went by the butcher and they don't have any nog yet, damn

review: tully farms dairy holiday egg nog 

pros: nice warm nutmeg flavor, pleasing level of sweetness, lovely golden color

cons: has corn syrup, artificial flavor, some preservatives that seem out of place for a local farm-made nog

this nog gets


three out of five eggs

will add notes with booze after work is done

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i still cannot upload images on this broken and abandoned instance, but it is in a nice commemorative glass bottle labeled with the name of the dairy and a "happy holidays from our farm to your family" holly berry design

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i have purchased the first nog of the season, from tully dairy farm in dunstable, massachusetts

Picked up some nog juice today (plantation OFTD overproof rum [69% alcohol {nice}])

this account does not cw beverage posts; this account only makes beverage posts

Do you like your nog with rum or whiskey

I do not like Christmas creep, but I loveeeeee egg nog creep. I AM the Egg Nog Creep

looking forward to reviewing this season's new england nogs

this abandoned instance will not let me upload images, very cool

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